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amy wright

Overworked? Overwhelmed? Out of Time?

Does the life that you’re living now look exactly the way you want it to?

I’ve got you

I work with entrepreneurs who are too busy to

enjoy their life.

   We work together to put actionable systems in place personally and professionally so that you can experience a


The lifestyle that encompasses a great family

life, friendships, self care, great health and business success… that is what I like to call the

Awesome Sauce

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meghan“Amy helped me see that I needed to start with me, my life, my family, relationships etc. It actually changed my life (I don’t feel that that’s too strong of a sentence!).”  ~Meghan Hof



“Working with Amy was hassle free and easy. Throughout the process, Amy was available any time I needed her, day or night, weekend or weekday. The level of service Amy delivers is first class.  I highly recommend her.”  ~Kendrick Shope